Enjoy Barcelona on Kickbike

Kickbike tours for groups in an original and fun way of transportation. The routes are tailor-made and guided. Come and feel the magic of Barcelona with us!

The Kickbike are ideal for outdoor activities such as group outings, gymkhanas or cultural tours. They allow to combine the activity in equipment with a great amusement.

The tours are for groups of 6 people more and for people over 16 years. We perform a small training where our monitor ensures that all members are fit for the ride. We speak up to 10 languages: Spanish, English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Dutch, Danish, Arabic … you choose!

We also accompany schools and educational institutions in the development of cultural activities for its members. We have special prices for events that have a return to the community.


  • Groups from 6 person. Includes bottle of water per person.
  • Includes monitor every 15 people.
  • Transport not included in case of starting / finishing off the base.

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